Little Known Facts About Spiritual awakening.

The Akashic records in the Halls of Amenti are both places of immense wisdom and knowledge that once a soul is ready to enter either the Akashic records or the Halls of Amenti can gain immense wisdom, knowledge about themselves, but collective, and so much more. And if you have ever felt drawn to either the Akashic records or the Halls of Amenti, then this video is for you because I was guided to share with you some insights into what you most need to know about both the Akashic records and the Halls of Amenti. And how working with either can truly change your life for the better. So let's get started with the Akashic Records . The Akashic Records, the way I like to just explain is think of it as your souls library of all lifetimes, where you can get insights about yourself as a soul, about your past, your present and your future, you can uncover about past lives that you have lived and maybe affecting you today. You can uncover what type of lives you live, like what kind of person you were, in those lifetimes you can uncover about certain things that happened in that past lifetime. That didn't affect you still today, whether it's about poverty, about wealth and abundance, happiness, love how whatever you can find out about that within the Akashic records. Now, you can also find out within the Akashic records about your life purpose of what your soul has come here to do, as well as what is really holding you back from really stepping into that you can find out about how to open yourself up to a loving partner. There's so much that can be found within the Akashic records now, but the difference here is that Akashic Records is individual to each individual person, each individual soul has an Akashic Record, but also each individual living being and even buildings and business. They all have an Akashic record where everything is being recorded from that soul through all lifetimes. So that's what I like to explain the Akashic records as simple as think of it as your souls library of all lifetimes. When you enter the Akashic records, if you are more on the visual side, you may see a large library with tons of books in there, or you may not I mean, it's really depends on the person once they enter the Akashic records what they see, I for myself, and even when I do readings for my clients are often see a library in the library always looks differently, so it's truly beautiful. But when you work with the Akashic Records , you can find out just about anything about yourself. And I'm saying about yourself is because you could not ask about another person per se, you could ask about another person as it relates to you. For example, if you are in a relationship and you want them to learn more about this relationship that you have with this other person, you can find out about what you as a soul are meant to learn from this relationship, how you can make this relationship better, what lesson you are meant to learn from this or even if there are any soul contracts or core karmic attachments to this person, all as it relates to you. So you could not ask about you know your spouse's life purpose or anything like that, because that would be stored in their own individual Akashic records. So when you work with the Akashic records, when you enter the Akashic records, or even get a reading, it's all about you, your soul, your life path, your past, your future, your present and your future. I really like working with Akashic records because it truly gives you insights into so many areas. If you have any questions about who you are at soul level, about your path about who you're even your soul name, your soul's origin, those type of things. All that can be found within the Akashic records because it has been recorded within the records. When you enter the Akashic records or when you work with Akashic records. Or even if you get a reading, the reader receives insights from the Akashic record keepers, as it pertains to you. Now, another beautiful thing that you can do within the Akashic records is actually uncover certain blocks. Let's say you want to really step into your purpose in this lifetime, but no matter what you're doing, it feels like you're not really moving forward, or, you know, it feels like something is holding back, that usually has something to do with any past lives where you may have a bad experience, maybe you have made certain vows to never go about your life, you know, living in purpose, or certain other things that happen, maybe you had a really bad experience in a past life. Or it could also be beliefs and habits and interference and uncertain blocks that you have picked up over lifetimes, or even just this one lifetime, that is actually hindering you from really stepping into that. Or let's say you want to really you're really looking for your soulmate, or have a loving partner in your life. But no matter what you do you keep meeting these nutso or right people, and it just never really works out. You also can find out within the Akashic Records Well, why is that? What is causing you to keep attracting the same type of people. Oftentimes, it's about life lessons, it's about soul contracts that you have made. Because when it comes to soul contracts, karmic lessons, that's because in a previous lifetime, you have not learned a certain lesson. So that's basically karmic lessons. Or then you make certain agreements with certain souls, that when you enter life, that they will come into your life at a specific time to help you learn something. And you also can find out about things like that within the Akashic records. So basically, think of it like that whatever question you have about yourself, past present future, the answers can be found with an Akashic Record. But then also, you can actually heal with an Akashic Records too. So if you find out about certain past lives, certain blocks or interferences, that are actually hindering you right now from living your best life yet, you can actually work with Akashic record keepers to heal and release, you can ask, How can I best healers, what can I do now to release this and an even if you work with someone, let's say you work with the reader, they made an even be able to assist you in a healing as well. I for myself, I use light language to help my clients really heal and clear any blocks that we uncovered within the Akashic records. And of course, whatever else comes up, but when you hear with an Akashic records, think of it like that you're doing time travel pretty much, because you're then connecting with that event when it happened. And even if you're getting a reading, like I do written readings, and we're connecting with that event, and clearing that energy around that that has such a beautiful ripple effect that in effect your entire timeline, it adjust your timeline, because then ask for clearing that it did to negative energy when it happened, well, then you no longer have this energy follow you along throughout your time. So that's what your timeline adjusts. And it has such a beautiful ripple effect that changes your life and of course, every life that every person's life that was surrounded by you that he was in your life during that time. So it's a beautiful way to do some deep, deep healing, once you uncover within the Akashic records of what is truly holding you back, and then go through source with clearing that negative energy working with your Akashic Records keepers to rewrite the story. Basically, you're rewriting the event or from on an energetic level. So you're removing the negative energy around the event. And that in itself rewrites, your timeline rewrites the story. So working with the Akashic records, whether it's you yourself entering your Akashic records, or getting a reading can be such a life transformative event that can really change your life in ways you never thought possible. And you may wonder, well, can anyone entered Akashic records and work with the Akashic Records? And I would say yes, however, it really depends on how ready that person is, from an ego standpoint of receiving the guidance of really working with the Akashic Records . Someone that is not open to that, of course, they will have a very hard time getting into the records and of course receiving guidance, because when it comes to work with Akashic records, you have to open yourself up to receiving the guidance. And in the beginning, the equal is usually in the way of really receiving that guidance. But anyone everyone that feels called to work with Akashic Records definitely has the ability to do so. And if you would like to learn how to work with your own Akashic records, I have a six day free program where I teach you how to start working with your own Akashic records, link in the description below. If you want to check it out. It's over six days I will teach you step by step how to start working with the cash sugar, there also light language activations included to help you open yourself up to overcome your ego and those types of things to really assist you in start working with Akashic records is powerful mini program that can help you start working with the Akashic records and if you may not want to do that, but you really would like to learn more about yourself your life your or have questions, then I offer different Akashic Record readings The link is in description below. You can check them out and see which reading really speaks to you. Whether it's about finding a loving partner finding out about your life purpose, who your soul level, but financial abundance, I have different readings and just allow your soul to guide you which is the best for you. So that was it about the Akashic records. Now let's talk about the Halls of Amenti. Now, when I first heard about or became aware of the Halls of Amenti, I was really amazed by it. It's only been about a year since now I'm doing this video that I was into to deuce to the Halls of Amenti. In the beginning, I thought it was similar to the Akashic Records , but it actually is not. It's actually on a higher level, the Halls of Amenti are overseen garden actually have been created by taught the Atlantean, who also created the Emerald Tablet. Now, I'm not going to go into too much detail about Todd and who he is and what not. But basically, the Halls of Amenti are is a place where the Ascended Masters share their wisdom, their knowledge, they teach students who have who are ready to enter the Halls of Amenti, the higher wisdom and higher knowledge, the universal wisdom, if you may, the ancient wisdom, if you may say, now this is more so a place that not everyone can enter whenever someone wants to it's more so when the student is ready, they will be invited, whether it is an Ascended Master comes to them and invites them or there is an invitation that needs to happen in order to be invited to enter the hearts of Amenti. Now, the Akashic records is different. Because that's on a soul level, like every soul has access to the own Akashic Records, the Halls of Amenti is more so, Universal Consciousness kind of level, right? It's like the higher wisdom, it's, it's where a student can truly learn from the masters. And there is a readiness that needs to happen first. So anyone who's just starting out with their spiritual awakening, there most likely are not ready to enter the Halls of Amenti, they may still need some time to awaken to open up their senses to raise their level of consciousness in order to be ready to work with the Masters, and the Halls of Amenti are also on a much higher frequency than the Akashic Record. So think of it like that. You have the Akashic records here and the Halls of Amenti are up here. So it's a higher a higher level of knowledge of wisdom, because like I said, the Akashic records is on a soul level, the Halls of Amenti is more on a conscious, universal consciousness level, this is more so the hospital matters more sort of place of mastery. And only those students who are truly ready who are truly meant to work with the masters will then receive the invitation they will then be initiated, so to speak, to enter the Halls of Amenti. I have entered the Halls of Amenti, a couple of times already, and it is beautiful. I have connected with the Masters actually talk has come to me numerous times and has worked with me on sharing wisdom, sharing knowledge and those type of things. And it's truly a beautiful thing when you are at that level of readiness to receive this invitation. So it's truly beautiful. When you have received that invitation when you're ready, then you know that you're going to be taught by the Masters. But if you desire to receive that access to that higher wisdom, that higher knowledge, I do recommend start with the Akashic records, because that an also will lead to channeling as well. And when it comes to that it's really about that openness to receive insights to receive the guidance to be open to receive that, that the messages from the Divine. In the beginning, when I started with the Akashic Records , my ego was always in the way I had to take some time before each reading to really prepare myself to put my ego on the backburner on time out to really be open to receiving the guidance for myself initially. And then of course, once I started working for clients, so the ego is usually the one thing that gets in the way of really working effectively with the Akashic Records , and then growing ready to then be initiated or invited into the Halls of Amenti. But if you really feel that that inner desire to work with that higher wisdom, website the higher knowledge, I do recommend, start with a Akashic Records or start with some sort of channeling work, whether it's doing automatic writing, maybe taking a course on channeling whatever you feel guided to do. But if you're feeling drawn to the Akashic records, I truly believe there's a reason for it. Whether it is for you to actually start working with the Akashic Records yourself and he Alexa, check out my six day mini program to learn how to do that. Or if you say like I really don't want to work with the Akashic Records myself, but I do want to receive guidance. Then here you may decide, okay, who do you want to work with? Find yourself a reader, whether it's myself or someone else that can give you an Akashic Record reading, if that's what you feel called to do. Now, working with the Akashic Records is truly a beautiful thing that can open so many doors for you. Whether it's you may want to start a spiritual business later down the road or maybe not. Either way, work with the Akashic Records can truly open so many doors and I have a video for you. We're share eight ways that work with the Akashic Records can actually change your life. It's in the description below if you would like to find out a little bit more about how it can truly, truly affect your life. But here's the difference between the Akashic Records and the Halls of Amenti. I really hope you enjoyed this so far, if you did, and if you've gotten benefits out of this video, I want to invite you hit the like button and maybe leave me a comment below let me know what is your experience with Akashic records? Or maybe even the Halls of Amenti? Have you worked with either or maybe even both? And what was your experience, I would love to know, I get the sense that more souls are really meant to work with either bit Akashic Records or then be prepared to work with the Halls of Amenti. Because as we're really tapping into that higher wisdom, the higher knowledge, well, then it can come through us, we can become more of a divine messenger take the role of a divine messenger because I truly believe that the masters the guides are just waiting for more souls to awaken and to grow ready to become the messengers to share the message of the Divine. Because the world needs that there's so many souls that need the guidance that are seeking that higher knowledge. And if you feel guided to one, watch this video, I truly believe there's a reason for that. So maybe start working with either the Akashic records or do some other channel work or just open yourself up to be shown. What way are you meant to work with the higher wisdom, the higher knowledge that guides that may just are waiting for you to open yourself up to take on the role of a divine messenger and share the messages that are just waiting to be expressed through you. So thanks so much for being here. Now, be sure to check out this video here about the eight ways of how the Akashic records can change your life. I think you're going to love it and I look forward to seeing you in the next video. Until then make it an amazingly abundant and successful day. Namaste.

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